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Two Questions On The Yoga For Tight Legs Video

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1. In the video, you demonstrate using a block to avoid slouching in butterfly pose. (I used a folded-up pillow, and it was so much better. Thanks for demonstrating that!) Is it okay to sit on a block or a pillow or whatever in any seated posture (forward folds, twists, etc.) or are there times where that should be avoided?


2. For the stretch you do at 13:30, where you're seated with one leg out in front and the other bent with your calf at your side, I found that when I tried this on the first side I felt a slight pain in my (right) bent knee as I tried to lean back. On the other side I found that I couldn't sit up straight (with my left knee bent, I was leaning to the right). Could you maybe demonstrate this stretch from another angle, or suggest either a modification or a different stretch that will provide a similar benefit? 


Thanks for reading and thanks for the video. It's challenging (my half moon's a mess), but not so intimidating that I don't want to come back to it and keep improving.

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