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Lorelei From Wisconsin

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For years, I've dabbled in my practice of yoga.  Usually to help me avoid injuries as a runner and to help keep myself feeling balanced, I've taken classes and practiced at home.  My level of commitment has ebbed and flowed.  After battling road running and extreme trail running-related injuries for the last 6 months, I've decided that my new way to feel badass should come from stepping up my yoga practice.  As I recover, I would like to slowly practice and learn more about the yoga that I've always loved.


Even though I've practiced for over a dozen years, I know I have much to learn.  That's part of what hooks me to yoga:  the constant learning and opportunities for growth.  I'm looking forward to my new commitment, because I know that it will bring massive positivity into my life, along with renewed strength both outward and inward.


I am a mother, wife, caregiver, lover of laughter and joy, knitter, teacher, runner, aspiring writer, and seeker of personal fulfillment.  I love to travel to breathe in new places and experiences.  This is a pivotal time for me as I explore new frontiers in careers and personal endeavors.  In my mid-40's, I feel stronger than ever and have every intention of moving forward toward all the wonder that life has to offer.  

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