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Hi Candace! I truly love your blog and yoga videos and was wondering if you would mind sharing more about how YBC evolved from an idea to what it is today? Specifically, how did you promote yourself, learn photography, get to reviewing products, etc. (just looking for a brief overview and not all of your trade secrets!)? Also, will you be hosting any other US-based blogging retreats/workshops in addition to the late June one in New York, or would you consider making the workshops available in webinar form? *fingers crossed*


Thank you so much for sharing your yoga with the world - it makes it a better place!

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Hey there! 

Sure, happy to share! Mostly I just blogged and blogged for years even though I had no readers. I have a background in teaching so during my own yoga teacher training I had all these ideas I wanted to share and thought a blog would be a good place for them. I was mostly doing it for myself, just to get these ideas out - no real end goal with where I wanted to go with the blog. I always approached the blog as a job since I was moving all the time for my husband's job and didn't really have much going on for myself. I set specific hours for myself for blogging and kept to them. I also was always teaching regularly and pointing students in the direction of the blog. I was active on social media and acquired some readers that way. It was a super slow rate of growth but the people who read the blog are awesome, likeminded people, and I'd rather have those readers who are truly interested and add to the YBC community. If I had just posted 'filler, fluffy' stuff with highly clickable titles just to get clicks, I wouldn't have attracted the type of people I want, you know what I mean? For photography, I invested in a great camera (started with a rebel 2, and then upgraded to a canon 6d) and played around until I figured out how to use it. Over time, I've learned what photographs will be highly pinnable, and what are best for social media promotion and what should just be tossed out. Reviewing products came as the readership grew, and I always try to make sure it's a natural, organic fit for the readers/blog and only if it's a benefit to all people involved. (You wouldn't believe some of the pitches I get - had a casino the other day want to sponsor a post...uhhhh not a natural fit!) There's really no quick way to make it all come together I don't think - just lots of consistent work blogging about stuff you really, truly love and would write about even if people weren't out there reading it. 


I'm hoping to do more US-based blogging retreats/workshops, just finishing up the spring things before planning the next adventures. I have looked into webinars but the blogging workshop is really, really hands on and requires partner work and I just don't think it'd be that effective without the big round table discussion I envisioned when I designed it. But we'll see, I might offer one to one consulting.  :)

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