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I found out I'm pregnant. A happy and unexpected surprise. I have been practicing yoga for a few years, initially as a way to recover physically from my first pregnancy and then just as a part of life. I would very much like to continue my practice throughout my pregnancy (with the blessing of my doctor). I am however scarce on resources. I have looked for classes and workshops in my physical community but have been unable to find a yoga studio or community center with a certified prenatal yoga instructor. I was hoping you might know where I should look next, or any advice would be great.

I am very early into my first trimester, and would like to keep a regular practice going as long as possible, and be able to make modifications as my body changes.


Thank you so much



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Christina, congrats on your pregnancy! I would look on youtube  - I'm sure there are some prenatal classes you could follow along to there. I wish I could make one for you but I'm not certified in prenatal yoga so I don't really know what I'm doing there. You might also want to try your local library - sometimes they have DVDs or an interlibrary loan program where you could get prenatal DVDs to follow along to. All the best! xo

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