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100 Day Meditation Challenge

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Hi All
Just wondering if anyone has done a 100 Day Meditation Challenge before?
I'm starting today - it's a gorgeous sunny day, perfect for a quiet spot in the park on my lunch hour :31:  

I'm taking some meds at the moment which are making me feel scattered, jittery, anxious and highly strung which is so unlike me it's pretty awful. I heard about these 100 day challenges over the weekend so thought i'd give one a go as i'm sure a daily meditation will help.

Any tips?
Any nice meditations I should try?
Anyone else fancy joining in?!
Here are the guidelines from the Wildminds website:
The aim is to support people to meditate daily for 100 straight days. There aren’t any “rules” as such, but we suggest that a “sit” should consist of a minimum of five minutes of practice, which could be sitting or walking practice. Ideally, though, you’d do at least 20 minutes of meditation a day. A “day” counts as the period between waking and sleeping, so if you sit after midnight before going to bed late, that still counts.

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