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I love to hear the stories behind people's piercings and tattoos! Why did you get it? Is there a special meaning?

I am currently free of any piercings or tattoos, but have become very intrigued as of late. Thinking of piercing my ears as a first step to break out of my safe zone.

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I have one piercing in each ear. I used to have two but I had them closed up (they kept getting infected!)

I have, currently, three tattoos. They represent the three big traumas I've gone through these past two years. When I was in therapy, I would realize I would get to a point and I would stagnate and I felt like I couldn't push through and so the tattoos became symbolic of turning something I pushed so hard to work through and turning something so ugly into something beautiful. They also have other meanings, but I'm usually only comfortable sharing that side.

In the order I got them:

1. The word "Strength," behind my right ear. It's a dedication to my grandma, who passed away on June 5, 2014 after struggling to live for six months from a brain stem stroke, the worst kind of stroke you can have. She had hearing aids at the end of her life and we joked she had them from listening to our stories so much. I chose the word "strength" because it's a personal mantra of mine, I was just starting to recover from my disordered eating and both my grams and I have lupus. She was also a breast cancer survivor.

2. 4 horse shoes on my inner left forearm, from my wrist to half my arm it goes black, black, purple, black. It's symbolic of the walk of life, that we all stumble over problems but we get up. When I was 24, almost 25, I was diagnosed with lupus and it threw me for a tailspin. I had grown up being autistic, having epilepsy and asthma and suffering from migraines, but being diagnosed with lupus was both a relief...and something that threw me for a loop. It took me a while to accept it, and going into equine therapy (hence the horse shoes) helped me. Also, I just love horses.

3. I have a custom-made tattoo of my dog, Zena, wearing a sort of throw-back to the 60s Batgirl-esque cape and bandanna on the inside forearm of my right arm. Zena was diagnosed with sarcoma in September. We were able to get it out, but it really changed me. I've always loved dogs in that they reduced my anxiety around people. People are very scary to me. They are, in essence, "Batdog" to me. I had a greyhound when I little who used to literally save my life as she could detect my seizures and I never properly mourned her death, so this was also a dedication to her, so this tattoo was more a mix of Zena AND Porsche with the placement of the spots. It's also clearly a dedication to the Batverse, my favorite comic universe EVER. This was my birthday present to myself.




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