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Hi there,


it seems I get the Chance to teach Yoga in my Company for People from the Office. (will probably start in September)

I was thinking about doing 1 hour classes (including warm up, cool down and shavasana)


Now I am searching for ideas for teaching People sitting all day Long in front of a Computer. I also have to take into consideration that the class will probably be mixed and that some may have experience with Yoga and some are totally new to Yoga.


I would be very greatful to get some Feedback from you, so I can prepare some classes in my mind already :)


Thanks in advance!

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In addition to shoulders, neck, and hips, you may consider emphasizing backbending to counter slumping all day.


Also, you might have folks who'll have wrist issues...


We have corporate yoga at my work, and the noon classes are 40-minute vinyasa flows taught by personal trainers who have gone through YogaFit, so they are a bit different than studio yoga. They are highly attended but little attention is given to alignment and I saw some really scary chaturangas, plows, etc. If I had been teaching, I would have either instructed poses that didn't have serious implications for poor form or would have encouraged alternative poses (eg, knees-chest-chin instead of chaturanga; legs up the wall instead of shoulderstand; headstand prep where feet remain on the floor instead of full headstand; bypassing plow altogether to protect the neck and low back, etc.).

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