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Hi fellow ybcers! I have a thought. I love looking at everyone's progress with ybc projects! Here's where it kind of gets hard. I, along with some of you all, also join in other challenges as well. I get a little confused as to who I'm following and from where so I had an idea. What if we added a hashtag to our posts on IG so we could just check in on that hashtag from time to time and see what else the YBC family is up to. It really wouldn't have to be just pose pics! I don't know if this is an ok thing to suggest or not?! Something like #ybcyogis or something? Just a # we could add to all our other #s!!! I also wanted to let any over 50 yogis that myself and others use the hashtag #yogaover50. It's kind of nice to see someone my age showing strength and flexibility that can continue as we all get older by practicing yoga and some of the issues we...ahem..."more mature" yogis have! Thoughts anyone?

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