What Yoga Mat Type Is Good For Floor With Ceramic Tiles?

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Good day.
I have floor from ceramic tiles and wonder what type of mat I should get. I need one that will be non-slippery because it's not only yoga exercises I will do but also use dumbbells to do push-ups.
Also I am buying in US. Can you tell me the store and provide link to correct type of mat?
Thanks for help
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Hi TechnicGeek! Hmm, I would say a bit of a thicker mat will be better than your standard mat you'd find at, say, TJ Maxx, just because the thickness will help absorb any shock from the super hard floor. The only thing is you really want to watch out with the thickness that it's a dense thickness and not something too cushiony, if that makes sense. I'll give some recs in a sec. That being said, the thicker, quality mats are pricey - but it'll likely be the last mat you ever buy. I'm just linking to amazon because I love that it's a one stop shop, and I would recommend: 

kharma khare, $60 - this mat is made from recycled tires. It's got a great thickness and just the right amount of cushion. Perfect for a hard tile floor. This is my top recommendation for your situation.

jade harmony mat, $74 - This is a nice, dense thickness but less cushion than kharma khare. Excellent quality mat.

Lole mat, $35 - I recently got this mat and it has a nice thickness but may be a bit too cushiony for the hard floor you're describing. I'm also, to be honest, worries about it's durability and since I just got it, I can't say for sure whether it'll hold up over time.

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Thanks for recommendations. There is Lole mat but it says it's for women. What if man uses it?


What do you think about Manduka, Gaiam and Zen Active yoga mats? Have you tried them?

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