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Is there a way to get teacher training without actually becoming a teacher? I would just really like to be more knowledgeable in my practice. I've only been doing yoga for a few months but would really like to get into the details of it.

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There are online teacher training programs but if you have the money and time I don't see why you couldn't go through training and just not teach at the end. That way if you ever changed your mind and wanted to teach some time down the road you could. I would love to do teacher training, there is so much to learn and I know it would improve my practice so much! Maybe someday!

Candace has posted lists of books to improve your practice and others for yoga teachers, maybe start by looking up some of those while you consider teacher training? http://yogabycandace.com/blog/2015/1/4/18-yoga-books-for-total-beginners


Good luck on your yoga journey! 

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