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How To Find Stuff At This Website

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Searching for a specific pose can be tough, especially if you don't know the name. For a newcomer or even a mid level practitioner, asking someone "hey, how do you do that pose, you know the one where you put your ankle on your opposite shoulder and you touch your elbows behind your back, etc." might not be the best way to learn.

Compounding it, this site has a separate sections, it's a blog, a forum, a collection of videos and a gallery. How can you keep track of...or find something, if it's scattered anywhere between one, or more, of these locations?
The forum/blog software has a search tool, but it is limited.

Did you know that you can use your favorite search engine to search a specific site?

Let's say you want to see images of all of the poses here...simply type in  " pose " (including the web address for this site, will filter out images or results from other web sites) in the search bar.


For example... 

...or click here


You can also narrow it down and to work on a specific pose, for example locust pose

Try searching for it! 

Geek tip...if you search and type "locust pose", (using quotations) you will see results only where the two words are adjacent to each other, so if there's a post at this site where someone asks about a locust insect and the also the word pose appears on the same page, the page wont show as the two words aren't connected, but it will if you don't include the quotation marks.

In any event, this might help folks find stuff

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Did you stop doing the 30 day challenges? I used to love those!! Am I just missing where they went? If you did stop, is there a way to find the old ones?



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