Photoshop markups on 30 day program community photos?

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Hi Candace!  I just had an idea for future blog posts.


One of my favorite features of your site are your infographics that are marked up as "Do this" and "Not this".  The monthly challenges are great inspiration to track our progress. I was wondering if you might also mark up a couple of participants' poses at the end of a challenge? I remember you used to post some examples and describe the progress improvements in the body text, but the mark ups can serve as "visual cues" since some improvements are subtle.


Sometimes in class, I like to listen to a teacher adjust another student, even if it's not relevant to me, so this could be the virtual equivalent. I also realize some improvements happen naturally with flexibility or strength, so they may not be as simple as alignment adjustments.


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I love this idea and wanted to make it happen with each project that we did, but I had a hard time with it the one time I did it for a few reasons: 


1. Sometimes the quality or composition of the photos weren't great which would make it hard to point out the progress. Either lighting, or blurriness, or clutter in the background or if the progress pictures are not taken at exactly the same angle as when the first picture was taken, it's really difficult to see the progress. 


2. Sometimes people say that they will be on board to do the program and then they disappear when it comes time to send in their photos.... :( 


So, for those reasons I like the idea of people practicing on their own and sharing their pictures in the forum here. If anyone wants me to, I'd be happy to go over what I see there at the end of the program  :)

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