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Two weeks ago I sprained my ankle during karate practice and after no relief since then, I found out from my doctor that I also bruised my bone! The pain has decreased immensely but there is still some slight swelling and bruising. What kind of yoga poses would you suggest for someone coming back to the mat after an ankle injury?

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Ugh, I can relate. I sprained my ankle at the end of April (grade 2 sprain) and am still having issues when I try to give it 100% now at the gym. Super frustrating. I filmed a few yoga videos while the injury was still fresh and you could check those out here and here and here, but honestly I would suggest lots of rest and just some gentle exercises like holding your leg up and draw circles with your toes just to keep up the mobility. Then when you get stronger, some calf raises. Really, nothing hurt me in yoga except for cobbler's pose and warrior 1 - something about those angles STILL irritate my ankle. But I hope that's helpful and I wish you a speedy recovery.

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