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Organic and Vegan Protein Powders

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I have been using Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey for as long as I've been using protein powder. Recently I've looked into switching to a vegan or organic powder and am struggling to find something I like. It's not that I dislike the the stuff I've tried I'm just not using to the thickness. Whey is mixable with just a spoon and 6-8 oz of water and it still maintains a water like thickness. I'm currently trying Bodylogix Natural Vegan Protein and it is extremely thick where I am unable to mix it completely without using a shaker filled to the top with water. The same goes for the soy protein I've also tried. Is that going to be consistent with all the vegan and organic options? I don't mind if that is the case. I'm just hoping to get a better "lay of the land."

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