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A HUGE thank you to Candace and this awesome forum! :0: I had been following the blog and when the forum was started I was super thrilled! As I've said before, I don't have a yoga studio to go to, however, our recreation commission has a weight room and has zumba classes and just a few months ago added a yoga class 3 times a week. With my night shift schedule, I'm either working or sleeping and just can't make it very often. This forum gives me the opportunity to talk Yoga with like minded people with a common interest and learn from not only Candace (which I've learned TONS!), but everyone on the forum as well! :47: Great forum Candace! Keep up the great work!  :24:

Congrats, Yogagrammy!!  :cheers:

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Yey ! Congrats to yogagrammy but really I do feel that we are all winners, we form part of this great idea that Candace had which is awesome , you can just feel the good vines and intention in every single person that forms part of the fourm , I really wnat to thank you Candace and Greg, you guys rock

:wub: Thanks girl! I feel the same way - so enjoying this little community! 

And congrats to YogaGrammy!

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