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I'm currently doing my teacher training through YogaFit and wandered what experiences others have had with their teacher training. I don't have any schools near me that I could have done training through so I picked what I thought would be one of the better alternative ways.

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Hi ohpayk!

I'm not sure what exactly it is that you are asking...I live in the Chicago area and had many options, but I chose a program that was very close to home. The program was owned and run by another studio's program, and not the studio where I took the training. If I had known in advance what I was getting into, I would have done my training elsewhere (it was a problem with how it was managed - my primary teacher was wonderful and wasn't the program's owner).

I was looking primarily to deepen my own practice on more of a spiritual level, and that definitely happened. I was less interested in actually teaching yoga. I don't know what your motivation is behind completing a teacher training program, but I have taken a class from a YogaFit instructor at my work, and it was definitely a different style than what I was used to. My understanding about YogaFit - which may be wrong! - is that it avoids Sanskrit, yogic philosophy, etc, because it aims to take the "mystique and inaccessibility" away from yoga. If those sorts of things are important to you, you could complement your studies with other texts (eg, David Frawley's "Yoga and Ayurveda", Mark Stephens' "Teaching Yoga", or some of the Sivananda texts...of course there are many others! These are just the ones I know and like). If your program is meeting your needs, then ignore the suggestions.

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