By Tiffany in Introduce Yourself,
My name is Tiffany and I am from Spokane, Washington. I have just started my journey with yoga and meditation about a month ago, maybe two. However as of last week I have completely committed to practicing on a daily basis. Where as before it was very sporadic. I am loving it so far. Since I have discovered this forum ad Yoga by Candace app, it has been more structured, enjoyable and easier to learn, rather then using numerous sites and apps. It became too cluttered and overwhelming to me. So I am very thankful I have found this forum, webpage and app.    The reason I decided to practice yoga and meditation daily, is to improve my physical and mental health. I struggle with several health issues, including depression, PTSD, Anxiety panic disorder, fibromyalgia, and gastroparesis. These health issues has limited me in what I can do as far as my daily living activities and working. I am hoping with yoga and meditation I will gain strength mentally and phaycially.    I am married with three biological children and two step children, three girls and two boys. Only two live at home full time. My oldest lives on his own and my step children live with their mom. I love being at home with them as a stay at home mom. They keep me very busy. I hope to have my two that are home practice yoga and mediation with me soon.    I enjoy reading, collecting books, volunteering at my son's school, volunteering at our local soup kitchens, adult coloring, practicing mindfulness, and playing with my dogs. 
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