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I've been doing yoga yotube lessons for two months but only one video at a time. For example, in the morning I usually do Gentle morning yoga.

Is it right? Or should I combine videos to improve my performance?

Thank you!

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I usually only do a video at a time, unless I'm just feeling extra perky that day :). Sometimes I'll just pick and choose random videos that fit how I'm feeling that day, but I've found following along with one of Candace's challenges, like the recent Mindful challenge, really helped me keep diversity in my practice and make me practice outside my comfort zone. If I pick the videos myself, I pick a practice I like without poses I don't care for. When I follow along her suggestions, I'm trying different things I might not have tried (and am sometime pleasantly surprised at what I'm able to do that I didn't think I could; like Baby Grasshopper!)

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