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Hello Candace,

Question: How did you determine where to complete your yoga teacher training and what style of yoga was best for you?

Background: I'm at the point in my practice where I'm starting to consider teacher training. At least 50% of my motivation right now is to move my own practice into the next level where I can work on my own alignment and development, 30% to learn more about the foundation/history/other limbs of yoga beyond just the asanas, and 20% to actually start teaching. As my professional career is in training and onboarding, I'm sure that 20% will quickly overtake everything else :) For now though, I've read a lot of about the stigma surrounding new yogis teaching yoga. There seem to be mixed reactions from older style studios that invite you to become a teacher after decades of practice or ask you to apply versus newer style studios that allow anyone in who pays the fee. I've been practicing for about 4 years - infrequently for the first 2.5 with the last 1.5 years being at least 5-7 times per week sometimes twice a day. Do I even have enough practice time under my belt to consider this? The studios that really moved me from the once-or-twice-a-month yogi to the maybe-I'm-obsessed yogi were hot yoga focused studios that do a few minutes of belly up core work during class, crank up the heat, never say "OM" or explain what a chakra is. My understanding is that this a very Western perspective on yoga. Is yoga less authentic if it follows this more Western or Americanized style? Will I benefit less from taking teacher training if it's not at a more Eastern focused studio or Ashram? If I'm passionate about hot yoga, should I even be concerned about what the rest of yoga community is doing? I also practice a few times a month at an urban Ashram but the relationship is definitely not as strong. Sigh... there are a hundred questions so I'm hoping you can provide a little bit of direction simply based on your own journey.

Thanks for any insight you can provide!

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