The Yoga Class ‘Queen’ Bit of a rant!

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I don’t get a chance to go to yoga class very often. When I am away I try to find a yoga class to go to. And I have a few that aren’t too far away if I happen to be in those cities.
In at least half the classes I have been to lately, 3 out of 5, there is always one special person in the class.
I am always the new person in the class so it may seem to some that I need to know the pecking order ‘put in my place’. There will be this certain individual that plops her mat down beside me, not annoying close just beside. Then she will start to do a few ‘impressive’ stretches. And always does them wrong! Then she will turn to me and make some kind ‘helpful’ remark. Just to let me know she knows yoga and I’m new so I should be worried that it may be too much for me. But she has a real nice way of saying it. That has happened 2 out of the 3 times. The last class was the most special. Same type of thing and also this time the yoga queen (some times we use the word queen instead of another word) went up to the teacher and made sure she spoke loud enough that everyone in the room knew that she was a yoga teacher as well. Sitting right beside me of course.
I actually find all this quite amusing. But it’s yoga class and people act like this? It’s yoga class! Anyways this never lasts for long in the class because she will be watching, waiting to see how much I struggle.
I find it kind of surprising there are people in class that are good at yoga but very few that can put their heals down in downdog. Even the teachers some times. It doesn’t matter, it’s just an observation. They are good experienced teachers, maybe because of modern lifestyle, all the sitting. I can squash my heals down no problem, lift my toes, have a little wiggle. Then do the 2 legged dog for good measure (the 2 legged is different than the 3 legged dog) . And that puts an end to the acting out right there. After that the rest of the class is very peaceful.
After class I will get the dirtiest look you ever saw. What is this yoga class or prison! I have never seen this before. Is this a new yoga thing?
Besides this everywhere I go everyone else is always really, really nice. I always say hello to people if their body language is open. And I’ve had some of the nicest conversations with people before or after class.
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I sometimes wonder whether the people who storm in, throw their mats down loudly and start stretching violently are moreso there as part of a 'sport' as such? Like just another exercise class maybe. 

My favourite teacher at the local studio is so inflexible and oh wow is she clumsy but I really love her classes. And there is one student in some classes where he floats forward and back in sun salutations I have to pretend to need a drink so I can watch him, it's amazing. The rest of us are utterly hopeless but I kind of like it because we just keep to ourselves, I can't imagine receiving unwanted advice or dirty looks, awful!

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I hear what you're saying and I think it's normal (although probably not idea) to feel a bit insecure or like people are out to get me - today I went to a master class w Jason Crandall and so many people were floating up to handstand and back down in their sun salutations. I can't do that or even come close to that, and I also felt a fever coming on, sore throat, and had forgotten my yoga mat so was using a beach towel (not recommended) and just started to feel down about myself. The older woman in front of me kept looking around and popping up into these inversions when we were meant to be resting... and I noticed my mind start to wander into the whole 'What does she think she is she doing?!' sort of thing before realizing that what she did or didn't do wasn't my concern, and how someone else makes me feel is really, for the most part, up to me. The book The Four Agreements was really helpful in dealing with these sorts of issues that spring up and if you're interested, I would suggest checking it out. Essentially it says that what other people say or do is really just a reflection of their own experience and has nothing to do with you and therefore we shouldn't take anything personally.


I thought it was interesting because there were a lot of yoga teachers in the room and one of them asked Jason what he says for students that won't stay in savasana and just up and leave. The lady was like, "I know they leave because they don't like to be still or they feel they don't need it but they DO need it!" And he said something that was so profound: I am the parent of one person, my daughter. What anyone else has going on in their life is really none of my business and I refuse to take it personally. If a student asks my opinion about savasana, I will certainly tell them I think they should try to stay if they can...but otherwise, I just let it go, and I don't assume to know why they are leaving savasana. Because really, who knows - maybe they have a kid to pick up, maybe they need to administer medicine to a dying parent - like we really just do not know what other people have going on, so it's best to just let it go."


In the same sense, I would just try to do the same for any 'special' yoga students who are less than welcoming towards you. I know it's hard - it was certainly hard for me to flick off the switch to my brain today in that class - but it's not worth it to me to feel so down by swimming in those thoughts, you know? 

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Jasmine you’re not hopeless:) I know you are joking but all we have to do is show up and we are doing awesome.

And Candace I read some of your old posts and blogs and the same for you.:)

Thank you for your responses.

16 hours ago, YogaByCandace said:

what other people say or do is really just a reflection of their own

It wasn’t an issue that someone was doing their thing and I know that isn’t exactly what you meant. These women were out to get me. It was really obvious. But it wasn’t just me it was who ever they happened to pick at that time. It didn’t really bother me so much personally. Like I said I sort of find it amusing “this is what you do to try and intimidate me?”  It was the idea that these people were out to try and damage others. It was so bizarre. If it happened once, whatever. But it seems to be a new trend all of a sudden. And last one, the woman claiming to be a yoga teacher. I’ve never seen this in yoga before. It kind of feels like the atmosphere – karma of the classes has changed from what I am used to in the past. 


If anyone wants the teaching for the 2 legged dog let me know. If you can do regular downdog you can do it! With some practice.

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That's what I always worry about when I go to classes. Since I've been practicing for a while I feel like there are things I should be able to do that others will judge me for. I have pretty bad anxiety and I get scared about going because of judgment and normally it's all in my head but that sounds so unfortunate that this is something you're experiencing in class. 

It sucks that the message of yoga is not felt by some people and don't realize that it's not a competition. It's hard not to be competitive but outwardly damaging another's experience is just very contradictory to yoga philosophy. 

I hope it gets better! 

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