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For all the time and energy you've provided to help others, on this Thanksgiving I want to express my most sincere gratitude and appreciation. 

I'm proudly celebrating my first year of daily practice (I think I've missed a total of five days, including a few snow days spent shoveling and snow blowing, since starting). Aside from the warms ups, stretches, forward folds, planks and downward dogs (you'll note I did not include ommm-ing ...LOL), part of my routine is viewing the daily inspiration from Candace either here or through the various social media outlets. Seeing scorpion, head stands  or some other intense routine, is a welcome (and powerfully motivating) relief from the non stop photos of salad, martini glasses or chocolate desserts that clog my Instagram feed. 

Thank you for being a vital component of my fitness and well being routine.

Enjoy your holiday and every other day...knowing that you are making a difference in and enhancing the life of others 

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I'm very grateful for all the wonderful things you do, Candace! You are so inspirational and sincere. I hope you had a great thanksgiving and were able to spend it with friends and family!

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