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And the article- wow!! It really speaks to me. When I was a kid, my mum sent me for tests because I bruised so easily. I've also had low blood pressure, IBS, bad breathing (especially during sleep), light-headedness (really an issue in the beginning with yoga. I would do 5 minutes of yoga and feel so dizzy and weird). Thanks so much for it! As I built strength, the light-headedness went away. Now I think I have a better idea of when I'm just overusing my flexibility and when I'm using my muscles. It's a really good reminder to always engage my muscles and not just bend as I know I can.

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So bizarre! I realized the article never described the specific sleep patterns, but I am also the same! A constant sleep talker, and I act out very strong emotions either via screaming or crying.  The acting out doesn't happen every night, but I will when having a vivid dream. I think that is a much rarer pattern, for sure!

I didn't mean to scare you about the pain. I'm so glad you can make adjustments now to break habits that could creep up later. My pain seems is not from over-extending during yoga, but from decade+ long bad habits I never knew would be problematic until my body just went overboard and couldn't recover. My massage therapist said that's how some chronic pain starts - was always "fine" but overused, then one event triggers it and it can't recover on its own.  My neck pain of 2 years happened when I woke up with a "funny neck" from sleeping on my side one day.  I figured out that it got overstretched constantly after 10+ years of sleeping on my stomach, head turned to one side (snuggling). But now that I've been sleeping flat on my back without a pillow, I am getting some relief, but it's not resolved yet. I am getting my spine checked out to make sure my posture is as stable as it can be - the idea is that the pain comes from the muscles being overworked to keep the joints stable.

Yoga does help (especially neck release exercises and cat/cow), but only after I developed enough self-awareness and switched to more hatha-style from power vinyasa classes. The flow classes move too quickly for me to remember to engage my muscles. My wrists have also stopped hurting now that I modify when I know I am lacking the strength.

That's awesome that you do see improvement as you build more strength, so you know when to hold back and not rely on your flexibility!

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This is so useful to know! Because my tendency *is* to overextend until I get a little injury because I'm not putting enough weight into my fingers, etc. I also have the same tendency of sleeping curled up into a ball like a cat. My partner is very patient in calming me down every night- I can't imagine how difficult is for him to be awakened by my constant sleep-talking, sometimes intensifying into sleep-screaming! (I wake myself up sometimes from a nightmare like this). In real life, I'm actually very calm about anxious situations. It always seems that my internal states create their own drama so when something happens externally, I'm actually more 'zen' about it.

Yoga has helped me a lot too in gaining strength and stability. I've always felt weak. Slightest exertion would make me dizzy and feel weird. Yoga has really helped in enabling me to do basic things most people take for granted by building my strength/stamina/stability. I can now support my own body better. I also feel much more emotional stable. Less like a leaf in the wind blown by each current that passes by. I'm still very volatile emotionally, but less so.I really really like vinyasa yoga, though, and it's improved a lot since I"ve gained the strength to do it. I hope to be able to continue doing it because I love it so much. :P

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