Please help - need a yoga buddy!

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I really need yoga in my life: the positive impact is incredible, physically, mentally and emotionally. However, as a mother of two children, a wife who is solely in charge of everything kids and home related and a lawyer, I don't always find time for myself to practice.

I am in the UK and would love to have a buddy in the same time zone - or in Europe. I'd just like to have someone to spur me on and someone who I can also motivate. It would be great if this person was more experienced, but that doesn't really matter - we can learn together.

Looking forward to finding someone! 

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If possible attending a few classes near you and getting to know people locally would be a good plan, you can't beat talking to someone in person. This can take a while, I generally find it takes about a year to really get 'in' with a group.

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