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I run a Yoga Studio in Sweden and I feel like there is missing a healthy energy drink without a bunch of weird preservatives etc. I also don't like how most of them are loaded with massive amounts of caffeine, instead of a reasonable amount. I would much more prefer a mixture of different herbs for energy. How many of you feel the same way? And what do you guys think about sparkling/still energy drink?

I am thinking of contacting suppliers to see what they can offer for my Yoga Studio.


Your input would be very appreciated!


Best regards,

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Hello and welcome,

My preferred drink would be water, fruit juice or maybe vegetable juice. I don't think any level of caffeine is acceptable for me, sorry coffee lovers. All drinks as pure as possible. Maybe good well water with some good minerals. A piece of fruit is often 80% - 90% water with natural sugars for energy and vitamins.

And of course some good French wine, hey it's fruit juice! , but not for yoga :) 

Read the label before consuming anything, Shouldn't apple juice just have apples in it?

Does your studio have a website? Can you post a link so we can have a little look? If you feel uncomfortable with that no problem.

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Water, in my humble and uneducated opinion is the best.

While I don't have intense or insane workouts, no matter how hard I push myself, water is extremely refreshing and within seconds I'm energized.

Not sure how much of it is the placebo effect, or the impact of the artificial stimulants, but to me, the whole category of energy drinks seems like a multi million (billion?) dollar scam.

Drink filtered tap water, eat sensibly and you'll be fine (and you'll save a ton of money)...again, just my opinion, with no scientific basis to go on...just 57 years of living

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This is super interesting and it's right in line with a guest post we featured on YBC about hydration here

I 100% agree with you that there is so much junk in energy drinks! Is it possible to make your own that you sell at your studio? The electrolyte drink I make is just water, lemon, sea salt, a splash of pure cranberry juice, and a splash of apple cider vinegar (with "the mother" in it). It's delicious and always helps me to recover after power yoga or a tough workout. 

Off the top of my head, here are some things known for giving you a natural "boost" (but are caffeine-free): peppermint, spearmint, ginger, cacao (although that's probably not great in water - however you could do a smoothie with cacao, banana, ice, coconut milk, peanut butter). 

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I am also a fan of just water, but, I can see the appeal of energy drinks.

Some samples I've received at a studio or yoga events that don't contain preservatives:

  • Coconut water (check for brands with no added sugar)
  • KeVita (seems promising in its list of ingredients. I personally avoid kombucha because it can contain small amounts of alcohol from the fermentation. Since I'm intolerant, I found this out the hard way.)
  • Hint and Hint Fizz (water and sparking water with natural flavoring) - This isn't an energy drink, but it could help promote healthy hydration for people who are trying to transition from drinking juice and soda to regular water and sparkling water.  I'm not a fan of sparkling water, so I did not try this.

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