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Question for the yogis on the go....

How do y'all travel with your yoga gear? When you're traveling by plane (or train, or greyhound bus!), how do you pack your gear?

Do you check your mat with your luggage? Is it even possible to have a yoga mat as a carry-on? I feel like it's too big for that....

How do you pack it?

Do you have a travel mat? If you do, don't you find that most of them are really quite thin? Or, do you pack your regular (my regular mat is a 5mm rubber mat, so it's not really foldable and it takes up a ton of space?)

I've tried travel mats that have good grip, but are too thin. I have another travel mat that's not super thin, but it's kind of slippery and not quite as portable. I've also used my thin travel mat over the rental mats at studios I've visited while traveling... But, I often think that I'd like to just bring my normal mat with me, but it's so clunky!

Thanks, folks! :)

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If you're a good planner...you could ship it to your destination and then ship it home (probably about $10 each way). 

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That's so great you keep up your practice while you're away from home!

I haven't traveled with mine - it usually isn't worth the space it takes up given how... little I end up practicing away from home!  

But, if you are OK carrying weight on one shoulder while traveling on plane, a medium sized 24" length duffel bag can fit a rolled up yoga mat diagonally with lots of room to spare around it. And, the entire bag collapses enough that it can still fit in the overhead bin vertically without being a bin hog. I used that as a second carry on recently (for my travel companion - I think it's too big to count as a personal bag) and discovered that things that wouldn't fit in my carry-on roller-board bag fit neatly in the duffel bag (in this case, it was a rolled up canvas painting).

In the past, I end up just practicing without a mat where I am staying, or, I borrow one from a studio if I visit.  I think bringing a towel from a hotel or elsewhere would be good to cover if you are worried about hygiene, or, to add more traction if the mat is slippery.  I forget how different weather can be, especially if you end up practicing outdoors. In Thailand, the intense humidity made my hands sweatier than before, so even though the provided mat was wonderfully thick, I had to put my hands on a towel during downward dog.


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