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Grateful to be here!

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Hi!  My name is Jennifer and I'm from the PNW.

I've been doing yoga consistently for the past 8-9 months - about 15 minutes a day.
It started as a form of therapy to help me work through Postpartum Depression.  It's now my lifeline to sanity!

I feel like myself again and when I feel "off" I know yoga will help.

I just started reading the Gratitude Diaries as well and my 2016 resolution is to keep a journal which I've been updating every day with at least 3 things I'm grateful for.  
It's a slow change, but I feel it.  I am looking at things more positively now and even when I'm down I find myself thinking of all the positives of the situation.

I'm still a beginner - hard to focus too much with a toddler - but I'm using YogaByCandace to take me to the next step.

I'm excited to be part of this awesome community!

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Welcome Jennifer!

Gratitude Diaries is great! I just started reading it myself and started my own gratitude diary on Instagram. It's such a great way to become more aware of all the beauty and magic around us. And totally agreed on that whole "yoga is a lifeline to sanity" thing. DITTO!!

Welcome to the community!

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