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Hi Candace!

I've been yoga since October at my university and I've noticed a really big difference by just adding it into my workout routine! Your videos have also been extremely helpful! I love them!

I wanted to do one of your 30-day programs but I'm not sure where to start....? Do you recommend doing them in a specific order?

Also, I do Rowing at the university aswell and for the past few days my right knee has been hurting a bit. Do you think this is normal? And do you recommend anything?

Thank you!

Catarina xoxo

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Hey Catarina! 

So glad to hear that yoga has been helpful - that's great news! Nope, you can choose any 30 day program to start off with - they don't go in a specific order. As for your knee, I'm not sure if it's normal in rowing - I don't know much about rowing I'm sorry to say - I would ask your team doctor. Rest is always best, in my opinion, but not sure if that's possible...

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