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Hey guys!

I've been following the blog for a long time but have only recently (you know... today) got onto the forum. I'm big into bikram when I can afford it, but love my home practice and my YBC practice as well. My other love is theatre, which allows me to move around quite a bit, but this post (and i hope many more) is coming from Seattle! I'm currently on the hunt for ways to deepen my practice frugally at home and would love to embark on teacher training within the next 5 years. Also... I will be starting my first blog soon as I'm giving up wheat for lent and want to chronicle the experience in a way I might actually maintain. 

Big love!


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Hi! Welcome to the forum! I also hope to do teacher training soon, but money is tight as I'm a university student. :( I also run a blog as well and recently posted about deeping your home yoga practice. Hope you enjoy the forum here! There's a great community!

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