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Hi guys!

I'm attempting the Wheat Free lifestyle over Lent this year, I like trying new things over Lent... it's a good solid but workable trial period. Have any of you made this switch? What were your experiences? 


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That's a hard one for me because I love my pastas and noodles!  But, my husband is trying a gluten free diet at the moment to see if it eases an allergic reaction he is battling. So all I can say from my experience is that it wasn't as restrictive as I feared (assuming you're not trying to also be carb free). I was pleasantly surprised to learn all the carbs below we can still enjoy together. These might help the transition if you miss wheat?

  • Rice as our starch instead of bread. I recommend getting a mixed grain that has some red colored rice - that is much tastier and healthier than white and restaurant served brown "beige" colored rice. You have to soak it for 30 min before cooking, but it's worth it!
  • Flaxseed (we use it ground up to sprinkle on top of yogurt or oatmeal)
  • Asian noodles (gluten free list here, but I think you'd want to avoid the buckwheat ones such as soba?)
    • Rice noodles / vermicelli
    • Bean thread (better in absorbing soup flavor than rice noodles)
    • Yam noodles (it's the clear texture kind you find in the Korean noodle dish jap chae)
  • Rice crackers (there's a tasty Japanese brand Kameda that has "Soft Salad" on the outside)

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I did for the GAPS diet - went totally gluten free. It wasn't hard for me because I was never a big bread or pasta person. Plus the diet had so many incredible things like soups and butternut squash pancakes and pumpkin pie (crustless) that I didn't ever feel like I was missing out on anything. Oh, and we used to make an incredible cauliflower pizza crust - SO so so good!

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