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Very Important Yoga Quiz

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Here's the quiz (Hint: It's not really that important:)).:

2. Do you go to yoga classes? If yes where?

 Yes. At a gym.
 Yes. At a yoga studio.
 Yes, At a really cool and trendy yoga shala. 
 Never! Those SOBs are ripping off Yogis!!
 I do yoga in the transcendental realm with ascended yoga masters!

And my 'results':o



You are a Holy Yoga, the real deal, the true spiritual yogi. Though you live in complete middle-class comfort, you know that any time you wish, you could give it all away and to sit in a cave in the Himalayans with only your loin cloth and trident. You act all dismayed and disgusted by the yoga scene calling it crass and commercial even though it has made you what you are today. You entertain ideas of becoming an activist in an imagined fundamentalist yoga movement. You make comments on yoga blogs (or you might even write one yourself) about the spiritual aspects of yoga and look down your nose at sad lost souls who do yoga merely for the tight yogic ---. You are self-righteous, smug and sure in your yoga ways. Ma India waits patiently for your return each year to relieve you of your American greenbacks in exchange for her ageless yoga wisdom.


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I was a yoga atheist too, the first time! Then I changed ONE answer for reading material, and then I got this:

You are God


You are God. You love to sit back and watch the deluded masses do yoga. You love making snarky comments with the ascended yoga masters about what is going on in the yoga scene in America today. The Holy Yogis are the most amusing to you. You have a good old time every time you hear a Yoga Star spouting philosophical hooey, hokum, hogwash, hype and hocus-pocus regarding yoga. Most amusing of all is how you set up the GreatTranscendentalYoga SuperStore to see who was smart enough not to fall for all the cheap tricks of the Yoga-Industrial-Complex (not many and those that don’t seem to live in Kansas and Iowa).

You are endlessly amused from the scandals involving Yoga Stars and the rivalry between the style of yoga and especially all the crazy branding of yoga that is being invented daily. But most amusing of all to you are the yoga zealots who claim to have all the answers but somehow turn out to be complete ----hats who are drowning in their self-piousness.


I just changed #5 from Yoga Journal (which is true) to "All the ancient texts" (partially true, I'm trying to go through Patanjali's yoga sutras right now!). I'm quite amazed it just takes one reading material to go from an atheist to god just like that.

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