Meditation Cushions, any ideas?

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I use just a regular ol' throw pillow from Target for both. The Threshold ones are particularly nice. If my back hurts, I grab a throw pillow and stick it behind me and that typically solves things (I have pretty mild scoliosis due to my hips being uneven. I can't really fix it.) They are quite well made and firm and good for my back.

This is one of the ones I own (I have one with two blue birds on it too): http://www.target.com/p/threshold-square-pillow-cool-floral/-/A-16497364

In terms of meditation, I use a old VCR tape so my back doesn't go out of position. Or, if I'm feeling particularly challenged, an exercise/posture/PT ball. I use both an exercise ball at my desk and for exercise. Most times lumbar pain is caused by bad posture and/or weak abdominal muscles (as my chiropractor is always chiding me for.) Sitting on a big exercise ball forces you to use your core to stay on it. Mine is 53" which is good because, well, I'm particularly small.

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