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YBC forum group designation 'Yoga Instructor'

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We are please to roll out a new feature at our forums.

As you may know, these are open forums where anyone is free to ask or answer any question (within reason, of course). The answers might come from people with a wide variety of expertise or experiences. As such we wanted to offer a spotlight on our members who've achieved the level of Yoga Instructor (in the US, individuals have taken 200 or 500 hour courses in training).

An answer to a question isn't necessarily right or wrong based on the level of training, or lack thereof. Good advice is good advice (the same goes for bad advice).

However, along with the training, might come a deeper understanding of the issues at place. As such, we wanted to offer our visitors the opportunity to communicate with and benefit from the accumulated wisdom gathered during their training process.

Individuals who've announced themselves to this forum's moderators will have the group title Yoga Instructor and a starburst badge icon 56d1976809c70_ScreenShot2016-02-21at8.31.03AM.jpg.27f9213e5134c70989acd856d7c8efea.jpg appearing below their avatar on their profile page as well as in each post they create throughout these forums.

Again, the goal isn't to imply that advice from a Yoga instructor is better than advice from a regular forum member. Rather we aim merely to highlight posts from individuals that have achieved instructor status. As with any advice obtained from the internet, you should take it with a grain of salt and employ your own good common sense to assure the information gathered is appropriate for your own personal situation.

If anyone reading this is a yoga instructor and wants the designation shown here, please reply to this thread or send me a private message

Currently we have the following forum members listed as yoga teachers...


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