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Hi all,

I am just getting into Yoga as a daily practice and am loving it. But I am not good at knowing the “language” of yoga? I would love to learn how to say the names of yoga poses and different kinds of yoga practices. I’m probably not explaining this well at all. Sorry.

Does anyone have any good web sites or posts or anything that will go over how to say the names and describe what they are?

Sorry if this is confusing.


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Sanskrit is SUCH a beautiful language! It is sometimes complex, but can be broken down to about 20 KEY terms and you sort of learn from there.

In yoga, poses are often named after animals so learn animal names.

The direction you face is often included, so learn directional words.  

Body parts are also commonly mentioned in poses, so learn the basic ones there.

Once you get that foundation, it will begin to make sense! Asanas are broken down in Sanskrit literally most of the time (ex. handstand: Adho Mukha Vrksasana/Downward Facing Tree. Adho-Mukha = "facing downwards" Vrksasana = "tree"  I hope that makes sense!

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