Pose for Stretching Shoulder Girdle and Thoracic Spine

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Hello! :)

I am looking for yoga poses for stretching shoulder girdle and thoracic spine. This sequence was really good:

However, I am looking for a short sequence that focuses on stretching shoulder girdle and thoracic spine.

Best & Thanks! :)


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How about adding some additional stretches to your favorite sequences?

Apologies if these are already in the above video, but try:

Intense shoulder stretch


And for thoracic spine, mine is pretty straight and needs more mobility. My physical therapist told me doing cat / cow is the best to stretch it. Seems simple but it does relieve upper back pain when I do it.

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A few poses in a class a few times per week isn't really much to help with what you are looking for. It sounds like you know that and asking for more.

Here are some old topics that may give you more. Shoulders - upper back.

In downdog try bending the knees a lot. To put the effort into the upper body – shoulder area, starting an upper back bend. Push the hands away from the hips and move the shoulders gently towards the ground.

This is a nice one for the desk. Take your right arm straight up overhead. Bend at the elbow so the forearm lies across the top of the head (do the best you can). Take the left hand and gently pull the right elbow for more stretch. Try to extend the right elbow up towards the ceiling. When you breathe deeply notice how the ‘shoulder stretch’ effects all the way down to the hips. Someday the arm will come behind the head but do not strain the neck.

Grab both elbows with the forearms over the head and stretch upwards and back.

Try taking your forearm behind and across the middle of your back. Maybe grab your other arm. Do the best you can. Then allow the breath to lift the chest up. When the chest lifts notice the shoulder open, try to get the shoulder to rotate backwards slightly, all those parts are connected.

Constant repetition is important. Find a comfortable place in the stretch and let the breath do the work. You will also find it helps tremendously for sitting at a desk all day. Doing these intensely once a week will not be helpful and probably only cause injury.


YogaByCandace quote:

My all-time favorite for opening the shoulders/chest is the third photo you see here. If you're really tight, do the second one. Play around with where you put the arms. Somewhat parallel will really, really open the chest/shoulders and will be excellent for reverse prayer. Stay for a solid 2-3 mins at least, even longer if you can handle it.


I don't know where you are in your practice, the link below is very good as well. It might be rather difficult, too much. Be very cautious with the poses shown there.

Bend It Like This: Backbends - Yoga Journal

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Hello all! :)

Thank you so much for your great answers! :-) I am a beginner ... so no expert yogi.


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