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Hello everybody :),

my name is Rosanna. I'm from Barcelona, the capital city of Catalunya (Spain). I'm a yoga newbie (I began practicing last December), and since then, yoga has become an important part of my life . I practice  four times a week (sometimes more, sometimes less)..I would love to practice every day, but I still doesn't have the will power for waking up earlier in the morning...but I'm sure I will, eventually <a href=http://www.freesmile. I'm very happy for having found YBC.It's an amazing site! I wish I can enjoy even more my yoga practice with Candance's lessons, and I'm willing to find people interested in sharing their yoga experiences, feelings and progress, as well as having a place where to find answers to my doubts about my yoga practice.

thanks very much for sharing. I wish you all the best! Namasté! 




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