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Hello All!

I've been doing a daily Ashtanga practice in the morning. I always do the daily minimum, and only sometimes will do more than that if I feel up to it and well.

I have a number of Hatha and Haltha Flow classes that I love taking at my regular studio.

My question is this: Is it appropriate to do the daily minimum in the morning when I get up and then do my favorite Hatha classes in the afternoon? What about if I did half or most of the primary series that day?


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Take it day to day! You wake up with a different body every morning, so look inside and ask what your body is looking for.  Traditionally speaking, Ashtangis do not typically practice other forms of yoga but you make what you want out of yoga! I warm up with the primary series frequently.  It's a wonderful full body warm up before I work on arm balances and inversions.  You do you! :)

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