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Hi from Holland

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Hey there! 

I'm Roxanne, 25 years old and live in Amsterdam. I've been into yoga for 3-4 years now and I'm here to learn more and challenge myself a bit. :) 

When I started I had zero experience with exercising in general and it really was a life changing move. Ever since I am so much stronger, more flexible and healthy overall. After my at home yoga sessions using online videos I finally took the big step and got a gym membership. Nowadays I combine weight training with yoga. I still go to yoga classes in my gym, besides practicing at home or with friends. 

Right now I'm really into inversions and splits. My first inversion goal was mastering the elbow stand (On your head with the elbows on the floor as well, not the arms only one :D ) and after a while of practicing I was finally able to do one without wall support! Next one was the head stand and right now I'm working on my forearm stand. The forearm stand is a tough one to master... Requires a lot of strength in the shoulders. My splits are getting there, still not on the floor tho. 

Besides the physical aspect I really enjoy the spiritual side as well. I don't have that much knowledge about it yet. 

Oh and I have a dog, the pretty black one in my profile pic, Farah. Beautiful 4yo Belgian Shepherd. 

Namaste :)

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