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The Gym Class Where You Do Nothing (

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The Gym Class Where You Do Nothing

By Rachel Bachman

March 22, 2016 9:18 a.m. ET

Gyms that promote exhausting workouts have a new pitch for members: not moving a muscle.

Fitness centers increasingly are offering classes that feature meditation. Organizers say they’re responding to the demands of stressed-out members seeking introspection and relaxation in a place they already frequent.

Antigravity Cocooning, a class launched in January at a Crunch Gym location in New York, puts members in sling-style hammocks that hang from the ceiling.

The class consists of about 20 minutes of stretches and brief abdominal exercises, followed by 15 minutes of guided relaxation, with participants stretched out in the hammocks, their arms crossed like mummies. Soft music and dimmed, colored lighting enhance the effect.

Crunch instructor Patrick Ferreri demonstrates how to get in and out of an antigravity cocoon in a hyperlapse video. Leah Latella/The Wall Street Journal ...



Read more at (please note uses a hard paywall)

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