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Hi all! 
I got my mala in the mail today and I must confess I'm so in love :D It's so full of colours yet so grounded. It's made out of onyx, African bloodstone and marbled obsidian with a lava guru bead and a red tassel. 

My question for you guys is how you usually cleanse and program it? I saw Candace to an entry on using mala, but I wasn't 100% clear about what to do before I start using them. I kind of want them to make me feel grounded and protected, and to shield against negative energy (since I've been feeling a bit of that coming in lately). 

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Yay - you got to love your mala :)

This should help

also -

Our malas come with all of this info included, there is heaps of info on our site and blog if you have any other questions - I think we have everything convered! And if not contact me, your question might turn into a great blog!





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