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We have people from all over the world on this site. Sometimes the city next door often plays completely different music that we never hear, until we go there. We could share our music here. 

We all have different tastes in music so a brief description of the song will help others choose what they wish to sample.

I think Youtube links only because some of those music sites attempt to download virus, malware. And they may also be illegal use in some locations.

Here is three to start


Loreena McKennitt - The Two Trees Folk, World music

For some 'variety' Kesha VS Britney Spears VS Beyoncé - Drop Deads Blow The World | theDreamerL MashUp Dance, Pop, the title should say it all

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I think this is a great idea for the reasons you stated, that there are persons from many different places that could introduce us to music we may have never heard of before. 

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