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Hi there,

As many others I'm pretty new to yoga, although I've practiced a bit in periods. Now I'm trying to get it into my daily routine. 


I have a huge problem with overstretching. I really don't know when I've reached my limit and often push through. It leads to me being sore for 4-5 days. How do you know when you reach your limit? And how does it feel?

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How do you know if it's overstretching vs. Regular delayed onset muscle soreness, especially if it's new to you? Are you not feeling any discomfort when stretching? Don't push past discomfort, just back off but keep at the "edge" of discomfort.  Otherwise, if you notice that you can easily hyperextend (e.g. double-jointed), you might not feel anything and just need to back off visually (keep microbends or muscles around the joint engaged).

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